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Spokane’s Pet Experts

We Are Pet Experts!!

There is no company better in the Spokane area to help care for homes with pets than Fiber Clean! We have many years of experience eliminating pet issues in our clients homes.

Pet Hair in Carpet:

Pet hair can get embedded deep into the fibers of your carpet and no other cleaning system is better than ours at removing it. Our special pile lifting and scrubbing machine digs deep into the carpet to dig out unwanted hair and debris. Even the most powerful professional extractors are not able to remove the embedded hair, it must be mechanically removed. Our agitation system is the very best at removing it! Then we rinse it clean with our 200 degree water and high pressure rinsing system to leave the carpet clean and sanitized.

Pet Hair in Air Ducts:

Many people suffer from the allergies caused by pet hair and dander blowing around your home because of dirty air ducts! With our amazing air duct cleaning tools we can removing the allergy causing debris and drastically improve the quality of the air you breathe. Often we have people later comment on the improvement of their allergies and asthma.

Pet Urine:

Many believe that pet urine can not be treated effectively. Because of our years of experience we have tried and tested numerous products and systems. We have developed our own proprietary system for true urine decontamination.

  1. We have two different tools that are specially designed to help us locate the urine areas that have active bacteria (which is what is causing the odor). With these tools we mark the affected area and we are able to decide how much product we will need to effectively treat the carpet, pad, and sub-floor.
  2. Once we have all areas inspected then we can give you a price per gallon of product needed for your treatment. You will know exactly how much the treatment will cost before we ever start the work. (The following process we use for removing urine is proprietary to our company so I will only share briefly the rest of the process.)
  3. We flood the contaminated areas (which includes the carpet, pad, and sub-floor) with 2 different products specially formulated to dissolve the fats, salt crystals and bacteria in the urine and to sanitize the affected area.
  4. We extract the flooded areas with a tool engineered to extract water from below the carpet and pad.
  5. Finally we treat the surface with a product that will remove the remaining yellowing caused by the urine. Not all yellowing can be removed but our products are the very best. If it can be removed we will remove it!
  6. Occasionally there is a need for us to return to treat some extreme areas again. It’s rare but we hope you will understand there are times that we will need to make a follow up visit.

Extreme Pet Urine:

In extreme cases we will recommend removal and replacement. We offer this service as well. We can remove and dispose if old pad and carpet. We will seal the subsurface with a product that will work. Finally we will re-install new carpet. Our prices are very good! Please call for a quote.

Pet Feces & Vomit:

If you have an accident of this nature please call us right away. Please do your best to remove as much as you can before we get there. The more we remove the more we charge for this service. We have many different spotting agents we use to remove the discoloration caused from feces or vomit. Once we rinse and extract all of the staining we will use an anti microbial to kill any bacteria. The antimicrobial agent we use is completely natural and safe for people and pets.